Dog Ornaments Dog Wholesale

Dog ornaments or dog wholesale business is unknown to south asia where in western area it is really a good business.

A view of Asia vs europian people is explained a little bit.

Asina view: I am here in Dhaka, Bangladesh. A part of asia. South asia. Similar places are India, Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Myanmar. Here dog is treated as subsidery animal. not a domestic animal. care take house gate if a theft activity seen. No investment for a dog. In city or town they are controlled either by killing by people or government.

Western view: Dog is a playful animal, a lots of fun with it. A variety of dog color, size, look, skin, attitude. There are a large number of firms related to dog business or pet business. for example dog wholesale business or dog import business.

Dog Wholesale

Also dog cloths, ornaments, breeds are so considerable part. A large number of people earning cash selling dog product. I am working for a company who import dogs and delivery. esimports. I am interested highly on them cause I am new to this topic and enjoying.

Dog Ornaments

As a marketing consultant I can say that it is really a good field of business. If you need help buying dog products you can leave a comment or contact with me. I am in a learning mode of dog wholesale marketing.

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